Rhode Island Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

Leading up to 2018, medical billing and coding salaries in Rhode Island experienced a steady increase year on year over the past decade. As the projection for continued growth in the coming future continues through 2020, salaries in this expanding industry should also continue to increase.

Recent statistics indicate the average yearly salary for the nearly 1,500 employees in Providence, RI’s medical billing and coding field came out to just over $50,000 annually, while the top 90th percentile wage totaled over $60,000. If the recent growth pattern for the overall health care industry remains constant and does not meet expected increases, jobs will still grow by more than 18 percent in the coming decade.

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2018 Rhode Island Medical Billing and Coding Salaries

The following figures are based on real-time data available online from job announcements, position advertisements, and salary figures. They represent the average conglomerate salary for these urban areas across the state of Rhode Island:

  • Providence: $54,600
  • Warwick: $49,500
  • Cranston: $45,700
  • Pawtucket: $43,500
  • East Providence: $49,000
  • Woonsocket: $54,800
  • Coventry: $48,500

The numbers indicate employees working in urban areas can expect to earn a higher salary than those in rural areas by a few thousand dollars. Salaries do not vary much between cities except in the case of Woonsocket, where the average wage is about $6,000 higher than the rest of Rhode Island’s main cities.

The prospects for medical billing and coding professionals in Rhode Island are currently good and if projections hold will only improve over at least the near and medium-term future. Candidates who make their education arrangements soon can still position themselves to take advantage of the coming surplus of opportunities in the medical billing and coding field.