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At medicalbillingcodingworld.com, we work with top colleges and universities across the North America to provide prospective students tools to assist them in reaching one step closer to achieving their career goals and finding their full potential as an active, productive member of today’s competitive society. We provide the framework to allow schools to reach out and get in touch with prospective students directly with fast, easy and efficient and effective marketing.

So why does MBCW need my personal contact info?

Providing our site with your contact info enables MBCW.com to put you in direct contact with the colleges and universities that best fit your exact educational and professional goals. We want to be clear that your personal info will not be used for any other purpose besides that stated above. Our privacy policy goes into greater detail on this subject.

So am I filling out an actual school application on this site?

No, you are only providing us with your contact info at this point. This will become an information request, allowing the school or schools you choose to directly provide you the specific information you are looking for including programs and campus locations.

I represent a medical billing or medical coding school. How can I list our information on MBCW.com’s website?

Please send an email to info@medicalbillingcodingworld.com that includes the name of your institution, as well as your contact info. One of our representatives will contact you personally.

My request to a school did not go through. What was the problem?

Be sure that all required fields are completely filled out before submitting your information. Most of the time, when a submission does not go through, this is the reason. It is best to double check all required fields before clicking the submit button to prevent any delays.

About Us

Medical Billing & Coding World was created by health care administration professionals with a passion for the industry. We are here to help our visitors navigate their way into this exciting profession. Please feel free to email us with any questions. – MBCW.com Staff

Sabrina, a valued contributing editor to MBCW.com