What Is Medical Billing & Coding?

The Industry is Growing Fast. But What IS Medical Billing & Coding?

Medical Billing, Coding, and Medical Transcription are administrative roles necessary for the execution of the recording of patient procedures and subsequent billing in medical offices, hospitals, clinics, group practices, HMOs and any number of additional health care facilities. While much of the health care industry we hear most about today is made up of doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, lab technicians and others, there are many health care administration positions, including Medical Billers & Coders, that are just as crucial to keep the growing health care industry working smoothly. If the idea of an administrative position, rather than clinical or scientific, is right for you, and you are interested in a career in health care, then this growing position could be a great fit.

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In Short, Medical Billing Is:

A Medical Biller, regardless of the specific office or sector of the health care industry, is are responsible for the submission of a claim for each patient to insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid. In some instances, bills can be submitted to more than just one entity, including even the individual him or herself.


In Short, Medical Coding Is:

Medical Coding is the documentation, done by the provider, of the exact and specific services provided during each specific patient visit to that facility. Medical Coders are trained to identify and translate a physician’s or other type of health care provider’s documentation, apply the predetermined, specified industry codes for that service, and create a claim to be paid. Who pays this claim depends on the patient and their health care insurance provider at the time of service.

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Below are a number of areas you may find Medical Billers & Coders:

  • Doctors Office
  • Private Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Ambulatory Care Clinic
  • Mental Health Facility
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Group Practices
  • Contract Positions & Private Agencies. Many of these people are able to work from home.