• Online Medical Billing and Coding Degree

What Is Medical Billing And Coding?

The success of today’s medical industry relies heavily on the skills of medical billing & coding specialists.  Billing & coding specialists work to maintain and organize the endless stream of vitally important medical information processed through hospitals and private practices.  In fact, one of the keys to the success of modern medicine lies with doctors’ ability to reference comprehensive medical records.  Billing & coding specialists enjoy the security of a profession that will continue to grow right along with the ever-expanding medical industry.

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Hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices need skilled billing & coding specialists more than ever before.  Training in medical billing & coding assures a successful and secure career in the medical industry.

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What Is The Job Description Of A Medical Billing & Coding Specialist?

Medical coding and medical billing are two unique skill sets, but the degrees and the professions themselves are very closely related.  So much so that many people choose comprehensive programs to get their training in both billing and coding in order to perform both tasks and increase the value of their skill set.

Training in medical coding prepares students to understand medical diagnoses, procedure, and disease pathology as part of their unique skill set.  It prepares them to work closely with doctors to ensure medical records are updated and maintained accurately, and to use specialized classification software to assign patients to one of several hundred diagnosis-related groups (DRGs).  This DRG classification determines what part of the cost of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment will be covered by their insurance.

Medical billing specialists enter patient information into Practice Management software for the purpose of submitting billing to insurance companies.  They are tasked with maintaining the integrity and accuracy of patient information while processing all billing information that comes through a hospital or clinic each day.

Billing & coding specialists work in the comfortable professional setting of an office.  This unique medical profession requires no direct patient contact, and in some cases allows the option to work from home.

Enjoy a relaxed work environment and a rewarding career as a Medical Billing & Coding Specialist.  Find info here to earn your degree online.