Medical Billing & Coding Salaries Information For California Residents

People working in California’s medical billing and coding industry can earn a great salary with the right training, sufficient experience and selected certification, including the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Entry-level positions can earn $38,000 to $47,000 or more for a professional’s first or second year, more than the nation’s average per capita income in 2017. Increasing earning potential with additional training, work experience, and specialization within a chosen field is highly encouraged.

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A number of starting salaries for applicants with a degree and certification in Medical Billing & Coding in the state of California are listed below:

# of Professionals
Top 10 Percentile
Los Angeles
San Francisco / San Mateo / Marin
Sacramento / Fresno
Orange County / Irvine / Huntington Beach
San Diego County
San Jose / Mountain View / Palo Alto
Oakland / East Bay

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California Medical Billing And Coding Job Growth in 2019

California job growth is forecast to increase 10% to 18% per year through 2020 depending on the region. Medical billing and coding job growth is a function of the greater health care industry, including not only hospitals and patient facilities but labs, research facilities and other areas as well. As the position is necessary to keep the rest of the health care industry functioning properly, the absence of medical billers and coders would break the necessary link between medical care providers, insurance providers and the thousands of companies, small and large, who provide goods and services to patients across the state. For the industry to continue to growth in California, a continued demand of trained medical billers and coders is expected.