Medical Coding Specialist Career Guide



As an essential part of a medical team, medical billing professionals or medical coding specialists get hold of a different set of skills and knowledge. They are familiar with each and every medical terminology and anatomy and at the same time has the proficiency in medical coding and billing software. As medical needs are increasing day by day, insurance companies keep updating their process of claims. This at the end enhances the demand for medical coding and billing specialists. If you are willing to help needy people and want to be in the medical field but want to work behind the scenes, then a medical coding specialist is the suitable option for you. Here we are going to give a brief outline for Medical Billing Specialist Career Guide. Let’s go:

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Work of Medical Coder

Medical coders are responsible to convert the medical procedures, diagnosis, services, and tools into universally accepted medical alphanumeric codes. Medical coding specialists assign these codes after interpreting doctor notes and laboratory results. Once they have successfully assigned the codes then it can become suitable to get claimed and paid by insurance companies.

With the change in demand, the medical industry has also changed the approach from being a fee-for-service job to a more value-based career. There are several Medical Billing Specialist Career Guides available to offer the insight to students. Medical coding specialists are not in the field just to code a record but are demanded to look out for the patient outcome. Medical coders use universally accepted codes from mainly two systems: International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition (ICD-9) and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS). ICD-9 codes submit to the diagnoses, and HCPCS codes signify procedures and supplies for the treatment.


Entry Procedure

Medical Coding Specialist Career Guide shows that it doesn’t take much of an investment and time to become a medical coding and billing specialist. You need a degree for entry level that is typically only for 20 months. You can get the education through either in-person or online courses. There are various subjects involved to give you a view of this field such as anatomy, physiology, coding and billing procedures, medical terminology, and clinical documentation.

Nowadays each and every medical body requires medical coding specialist to handle the billing task. Medical bodies like outpatient clinics, medical specialists’ offices, and hospitals deal with huge bills day by day. Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Career Guide increases the important awareness and skills that the healthcare industry is looking for when hiring medical coding members for the team.

The best part about this job is a medical coder can work independently and work from own home. However, they have to maintain an interaction with fellow billers, coders, physicians, and subsidiary office staff.


The task for Medical Coders

Typically, a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Career in United State asks for receiving doctor’s notes and patient files to document the services offered. After this, medical billers are supposed to prepare insurance reimbursement statements. This is their day to day work, in short.

Based on the education and experience, a medical coder is supposed to assign alphanumeric codes onto the patient’s chart after analyzing the reports, doctor’s statements, laboratory tests and several other factors. They enter the data into a billing system that is connected with insurance companies. This allows their clinics to get correct reimbursement.



With the emergence of technology and information, the demand for medical coders has been increased over the period of time. There have to be two factors responsible for the growth in demand that is expected increase in population age. As they age, the visits for treatments and procedures will increase and this at the end will ask for documentation. The second reason is the new updates in the old and traditional coding practices that have been practiced for more than 30 years. The number of codes has increased in the last couple of years like in years past only 19,000 diagnostic and procedure codes were used but now the number is as high as 142,000 codes.

This huge option of codes serves more clarity and ease to specify reports which get translated further into better care for patients. This updated version of the coding system demands for more educated and dedicated coding specialists.



Now that you have insights and information about the benefits of being a medical coding specialist, you can choose this career without any hesitation. Many Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Career Guides can help you land in a place which is filled with better opportunities. As the healthcare industry is expanding day by day, you can expect a settlement in life. It’s likely that by becoming a medical coder you’ll have long-term job security and a continuous update in your skills. So wait no more. Get yourself enrolled in a good medical coding college to get the required set of skills now!