Trending profession of medical coding and billing

Medical Billing and Coding

The medical field is remarkably a professional opportunity that can give life a career that grows beyond the inflation rate. Major financial analysts and observers like EY have estimated a steady growth in the expenditure of healthcare seekers up to 2.5% to 7.5% for the next half-decade which is a huge rate in developed and developing countries. Over the period of time, the medical coding has gained significant popularity in the recent time.

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Where the revenue lies?

Medical Billing & coding

Medical billing has been an important aspect of consideration as it contributes to almost 60-65% of the total revenue for major healthcare players. This is also because the healthcare insurance is becoming mandatory. It works as a cashless claim facility that minimizes the expenditure out of pocket and similar coming out into existence for making billing and coding more important. It simultaneously widens the profit margins of the healthcare industry and at the same time minimizes the risks involved.


Administrative costs

Medical Billing & coding

In the United States, 25% of the revenue earned is spent on the administrative side of the industry. This includes various important executives like people associated with Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), which is basically coding with the use of best software available, suitable for large medical players. People are also associated with EHR, which is a technology that syncs the medical billing software with the patient’s data to minimize the chances of claims rejection or errors. This can overall reduce excessive manual work and transform the healthcare industry into a much more profitable venture very soon.


Typical roles and responsibilities of a medical billing executive or provider-

Medical Billing & coding

It is important to note that people looking to build a career in the field are not necessarily getting employed in the hospitals or nursing homes or places where healthcare service takes place. There are different infrastructure and facilities available beyond which all these services are executed and it gets termed as backend operations. Some roles and responsibilities of medical billing executives go as follows-

• Read and understand the patient’s track record

• Derive the right codes for the patient records

• Submission of accurate reports to provide the bill to the insurance companies

• Be in constant touch with the physicians and assistants to ensure utmost accuracy

• Maintain a record of patient’s visits

• Prepare, maintain and protect coded health information of the patients


Job options in medical billing and coding profession

Medical Billing & coding

A medical billing or coding executive could find a job at hospitals, physician’s office, nursing care facilities, home health care services, insurance companies, coding/billing service providers, third-party administrator, etc. The best part about these job opportunities is that they are available in each city or state easily. Any job portal you access, you will find at least 10 jobs relating to the medical billing and coding profession, near you.


Scams in the name of training for medical billing and coding

medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding have become quite popular and almost all the training institutes, scammers, fraudsters are looking to take this as a lucrative opportunity. They lure a lot of candidates and take a good amount of money by making fake promises and there isn’t any training or education imparted to them! It is important to understand that one must have a deep understanding of related medical concepts that help in carrying out the day to day responsibilities.

Many training institutes have been banned or blocked by government agencies after several complaints against them. So, the source you choose to enhance your skills for a career in medical coding and billing is important. We are a reliable source and have the best options for you. So, just search on our website and be scam free, stress-free and gain an excellent opportunity to give a flying start to your medical billing and coding career.