West Virginia Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

According to a report by the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics, $4.21 billion in wages were paid out by the West Virginia healthcare sector in 2016. A critical part of one of the largest industries in the state, healthcare salaries – including those of medical billing and coding professionals – are expected to increase through 2020 by nine percent according to the same report.

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The medical billing and coding profession, along with most of the other healthcare-sector jobs, has solid projections through the short- and medium-term future for steady growth and expansion. At present there are over 2,500 employees working in this field, who earn an average yearly salary of just over $40,000.

The bottom 10 percent earn an average yearly salary of $29,000 while their counterparts in the top 90th percentile earn an annual average salary of over $58,000- a significant difference depending on region and experience.

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2018 West Virginia Medical Billing and Coding Salaries

Geography does play a factor in the salaries in the medical billing and coding field. Region is the primary influence, followed by rural versus urban employment. The following represents the largest urban centers in West Virginia coupled with the average yearly salary in the medical billing and coding field:

  • Charleston $48,000
  • Huntington $42,000
  • Parkersburg $42,000
  • Morgantown $42,000
  • Wheeling $41,000
  • Weirton $40,000
  • Fairmont $40,000
  • Beckley $41,000

Medical billing and coding jobs in West Virginia are some of the positions that are pulling up the state’s employment rate and salary figures. Baby boomers are currently on the cusp of entering retirement and old age, making it the perfect time to begin the proper training and education courses to become a medical biller and coder in West Virginia. Starting in this field also provides great opportunities for other career advancements in the healthcare industry.