Medical Billing and Coding in Virginia


The medical billing and coding field is projected to grow in the future as it is closely tied to the expanding health care sector. By the year 2020 there will be 137,096 health care and social assistance jobs in Virginia, according to the Economic Information Services Division of the State Employment Commission. These positions make up the second fastest growing industry in the Virginia, just behind professional, scientific, and technical services.

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In the northern portion of the state, health care industry jobs make up seven percent of the workforce, a figure identified in another report released by the Northern Virginia Health Care Workforce Alliance, which includes the jurisdictions of Arlington County, Fairfax, and Alexandria. The report points out that a staggering 47 percent of the labor force in Fairfax County works in the health care field. Additionally the population in Northern Virginia is projected to grow by twice the national average – or over 33 percent – by the year 2020, with a lopsided over-representation of persons over the age of 65. A similar though less dramatic trend is expected statewide.

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Working in the Medical Billing and Coding Field in Virginia

With all these factors combined, the projection for the medical billing and coding sector in Virginia is expected to take off over the next decade, with opportunities increasing more so in the future than even the current boom. Wherever there are diagnoses, patients seen, and bills generated there is typically a need for medical billers and coders. The profession is in demand at:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Private physician practices
  • Mental health facilities
  • Long-term care and nursing facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Physical therapy practices

Some of the more recognized employers of specialists in the medical and billing field in Virginia include:

  • Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
  • Chesapeake Care Clinic
  • Hampton Roads Dental Center
  • Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare in Roanoke
  • Westport Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Richmond
  • Navy Medical Center in Portsmouth


Virginia is a Great Place to Begin Training

As the medical billing and coding boom continues to intensify in Virginia there is no time like the present to begin pursing a credential in the field. Often times these are specifically required when responding to job announcements. A variety of programs are available across the state at places such as:

  • Community colleges
  • Online and on-campus universities
  • Technical schools
  • Training academies

Credentials offered in the medical billing and coding field include:

  • Certificates
  • Associate Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Practicum training

As candidates become more qualified they can expect their employment prospects to increase along with their future career mobility. Programs range from shorter introductory courses for those who want to get a feel for the industry to four-year degrees for the long-term career-minded candidates.

The percentage of Virginia’s residents over the age of 65 is expected to peak over the next few decades, making the present time strategic to begin studying for a credential to begin a successful career in medical billing and coding.


Medical Billers and Coders in Virginia for best career pathway

A worthwhile career option is done with best competitive pay that does not have to take lots of years to accomplish. The health care industry is in persistent requisite of new professionals and that prolongs to medical billers and coders. These specialists are indispensable in the whole types of health care services as they provide a vital role. The selection is to become a medical biller or coder can start an entire innovative future.


General Overview of Medical Billers and Coders

Medical billers and coders are distinguished by their specific job descriptions and responsibilities. However the two are time and again stated together, each one is a distinct work. Most health care amenities need an individual to do the separate job of a medical biller or coder. Merging the two duties into one profession is yet a common exercise, but is not all the time the industry standard.

Medical billers in Virginia manage most of the information of the billing procedure. There are lots of liabilities particular to this profession as medical billers in Virginia often use terms such as electronic remittance advice, capitation, and PPO (desired provider organization). An exhaustive knowledge of insurance policy essentials is also prerequisite as medical billers often deal with programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Medical billers also communicate with patients and when it approaches to the billing practice. The patient bills, also known as claims, comprise of a wealth of comprehensive information. Medical billers are requisite to make sure all of that information is precise, which comprises following patient records and confirming the correct codes.

Medical coders in Virginia also offer a appreciated service in the billing procedure as they are the ones who provide the codes utilized on claims. These codes are allotted to the exact medical services given to patients. That needs the knack to recognize and utilize ICD-9 Codes, ICD-10 codes, along with different others.

Health care specialists, such as doctors and nurses, comprise reports that define each type of service and analysis conducted on a patient. Medical coders receive those records and asses them in their completely while conveying the correct codes. It is principally a statistical interpretation of the health care services providing to patients.

Medical billers and coders do not even exist throughout patient analyses and their job is repeatedly done in an office setting. Both medical billers and coders in Virginia have robust managerial skills and the great potential to handle multi-task. Medical billers use strong communication skills more so than medical coders, though both stick to HIPPA privacy strategies and appropriate health care documentation.


Virginia Medical Billing and Coding Certification

A certificate or degree is imperative when it exactly comes to find out the work as a Virginia medical biller or coder. Health care companies are allowed to setup their own standards when employing new medical billers and coders. Many services are in search of medical billers and coders who have been comprehensively accomplished to manage all of the particular job duties.


Job Prospects and Potential Pay

A medical billing and coding income in Virginia averages is $38,780 every year. The highest earning amount expanses more than that average as some medical billers and billers in Virginia earn up to $58,880 per annum.

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