Vermont Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

The salaries provided by Vermont’s health care and social assistance programs recently accounted for nearly 14 percent of the earned revenues in the state. The second largest employer in the state is found in the health care industry and also happens to be the largest private employer. These figures include medical billing and coding professionals, who provide a critical link between health care providers and their sources of income.

Medical billing and coding professionals are expected to experience increased demand for their services as the percentage of Vermont’s elderly population continues to rise and more of its residents become insured. Tied with increasing demand are the salaries in the field, which are also projected to experience a steady gain.

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2018 Vermont Medical Billing and Coding Salaries

Compared with its nearby neighbors, Vermont is second only to Massachusetts in its 90th percentile salary and offers a competitive average annual salary for the region. Vermont’s 90th percentile wage is also within the top 10 highest salaries in the country.

Within Vermont there is a variation in the average yearly wage, with the highest being located towards the center of the state, becoming lower as it radiates towards the borders. There is not a significant difference between medical billing and coding professionals working in rural versus urban environments.

Average annual salary figures across Vermont:

  • Burlington: $48,000
  • Essex: $45,000
  • Rutland: $49,000
  • Colchester: $48,000
  • South Burlington: $48,000
  • Barre: $40,000
  • Montpelier: $51,000

Compared with previous years, the average wage for a medical coding and billing professional has increased, and is projected to continue increasing through the coming decades as the demand for experienced professionals in this field continues to rise. Candidates for positions in this field are encouraged to begin their education process presently as upwards career mobility will be at its greatest extent while the market is approaching its peak.