Utah Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

According to a recent Utah Occupational Report, projections for the medical billing and coding sector show there will be a high volume of job openings, at least through the year 2022. This increase parallels the growth in Utah’s aging population and expectation that in the near to medium-term future more state residents will be requiring medical and social service appointments.

As demand for medical billing and coding professionals continues to increase, employees in this field can also expect a greater salary increase, especially in the decade to 2028. The statewide median household income in Utah was recently calculated at nearly $66,000 by the US Census Bureau. The health care industry regularly outpaces the state’s median.

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2018 Utah Medical Billing & Coding Salaries

A recent breakdown of salary statistics for the major metro regions and non-metro eastern Utah area show the following average yearly salary figures by city:

  • Salt Lake City $58,000
  • West Valley City $41,000
  • Provo $55,000
  • West Jordan $48,000
  • Orem $48,000
  • Sandy $42,000
  • Ogden $50,000
  • Saint George $40,000
  • Layton $44,000
  • Taylorsville $41,000


The combined salary numbers show that working in a metro area does not necessarily mean a higher average wage, and working in urban versus rural areas also does not automatically equate to a higher level of pay.

Recent reports by groups such as the AARP and the Utah Foundation project an increase in salaries for medical billing and coding professionals in at least the short- to medium-term. Now is a perfect time to obtain the education and training in this field to qualify for the jobs of tomorrow.