Medical Billing and Coding in Texas

medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding professionals working in Texas can expect their career options and salaries to steadily increase in the coming decades thanks to a combination of a relatively rapidly growing population in the state and a greater percentage of that population approaching old-age.

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According to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, there are several factors that explain the high rate of population increase in Texas:

  • Higher-than-average birthrate
  • Higher-than-average level of net migration, both internally within the United States and from foreign countries

And the same report stipulates that as Texas approaches the year 2040, health care costs could likely grow faster than the state’s population. The following shows the Texas population and health care economy as they are projected to increase between the years 2000-2040:

  • Population increase: 150%
  • Increase in physician contacts: 170%
  • Increase in days of hospitalization: 205%
  • Increase in nursing home residents: 275%

As the prevalence of medical billing and coding positions is directly tied to health care and social services, professionals in this field face an exciting time for their trade in Texas. The above percentages do not even take into account the expected rise in mental health services, the increased numbers of the insured under the Affordable Care Act, or medical coding and billing services provided for physician assistants, dental clinics, or other professional fields that do not involve physicians.

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Medical Billing and Coding Work Environment in Texas

Hospitals are some of the largest employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Texas, and include recognizable names such as:

  • Memorial Hermann Hospitals in Houston
  • South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio
  • Children’s Medical Center in Dallas
  • The Heart Hospital of Austin
  • Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth
  • University Medical Center in El Paso
  • Arlington Memorial Hospital
  • Spohn Memorial Hospitals in Corpus Christi
  • Medical Center of Plano
  • Laredo Specialty Hospital
  • Covenant Hospital in Lubbock
  • Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo

Aside from hospitals, medical billing and coding professionals work in a variety of health and social services settings, including:

  • Physician clinics
  • Community walk-in centers
  • Mental health organizations
  • Dental offices
  • Retirement centers and long-term care facilities
  • Medical private practice firms


Education and Training In Texas for a Successful Career in Medical Billing and Coding

Candidates will find that to work competitively as a medical coding and billing specialist in Texas requires having the right education and training. There is a wide range of programs – more than 50 – offering training and education in the medical billing and coding field across the Lone Star State, in everything from diploma or certification courses to two- and four-year professional degrees. Education is provided in the subject areas of:

  • Insurance billing and industry standards
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Major human body organ systems and their associated disorders
  • Texas patient privacy laws
  • Billing and coding according to the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM

In the coming decades the health care field, including medical billing and coding, will be competing among the top three largest industries in Texas for the number one spot, making it a perfect time to begin an education for these future careers.


Medical Billers and Coders has the most higher paid salaries in healthcare sector

Opting for a good career is a choice that does not come every so often. When tackled with this choice, it’s a really great concept to attend a platform that is in high demand and also has a positive future forward. More medical billing and coding specialists are required throughout the year as the health care industry continues to develop. A designation as a medical biller or coder offers an appreciated service, along with job security and top standard salary.


General Overview of Medical Billers and Coders

Medical billing and coding are often assembled together, even though both are isolated jobs. They share resemblances, but medical billers and coders do dissimilar day-to-day coursework. Medical billers or coders in Texas although do not deal with patients in a medical aptitude, it means that neither are existing throughout patient tests. On the other hand, both are indispensable to the medical billing procedure.

Medical billers in Texas are in duty of making patient bills, which are identified as claims. These claims are listed and are double checked for accurateness before being referred out. That needs medical billers to be exceedingly done when checking codes, updating patient records and confirming claims.

There is also a customer service part of the profession as Texas medical billers deal directly with patients and insurance firms. Clarifying and determining claims is a common part of the profession. That may need some from side to side, which is assisted with powerful communication skills.

Medical billers in Texas interact to patients and insurance firms when claims owe. They also fix payment plans and contact group activities when essential. The clerical part of a medical billing job demands perfect structural skills and the capacity to multi-task. Medical billing software is also utilized often by Texas medical billers, who eventually accept lots of responsibilities.

Medical coders in Texas are less tending to deal with real folks. Their profession emphases on interpreting medical reports into codes. Even, each medical service given to patient requirements to be characterized on a claim with the appropriate code. It is up to medical coders to evaluate medical official papers and apply the correct codes. To do this job, Texas medical coders depend on a robust knowledge of the medical codes along with the ICD (International Classification of Diseases).

This sort of profession takes high levels of attention and the work is typically done autonomously. Without medical coders, a medical biller will be incapable to process claims. Those codes are essential to the billing procedure and a best quality coder can also assure that a health care facility is completely remunerated for the entire services it offers to patients. Texas medical coders practice their job with a maximum level of precision, depending on a comprehensive knowledge platform in medical coding.


Job Prospects and Potential Pay

The average income of a medical biller or coder in Texas is $38,810 every year. Lots of experienced medical billers and coders have the ability to receive up to $61,810 yearly as Texas has one of the higher top-end pays for those are working in this sector.

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