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Tennessee Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

As the education and health services sector continues to drive Tennessee’s economy, medical billing and coding salaries are projected to continue increasing over the next several decades. Candidates who begin their training and education for jobs in this field will prepare themselves to have their choice of future jobs in the medical billing and coding industry.

Working as a medical biller and coder will provide the employee with a stable job in a field that has increasing opportunities for decades in the future. Based on demographic figures and recent changes to health care insurance laws alone, these positions are already on the rise and are not scheduled to reach peak-demand for many years.

Candidates aiming for the highest salaries in the field should consider obtaining a terminal degree or at least an associate or bachelor’s degree in medical billing and coding. However experience and expertise also have a significant influence on salaries, and skilled professionals can also see relatively unrestricted career mobility.


2018 Tennessee Medical Billing and Coding Salaries

# of Professionals
Top 10 Percentile

Tennessee also offers competitive wages as demonstrated when compared with the average annual salaries of medical billing and coding professionals in its neighboring states:

  • Tennessee: $45,300
  • Missouri: $51,960
  • Arkansas: $49,180
  • Kentucky: $44,190
  • Virginia: $53,690
  • North Carolina: $42,940
  • Georgia: $44,690
  • Alabama: $41,730
  • Mississippi: $39,350

Medical billing and coding salaries across Tennessee should continue to increase at least through the medium-term future and offer a stable source of income for skilled and qualified candidates. Now is the perfect time to begin pursing qualifications for this field.