North Carolina Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

By 2017 education and health services became one of the largest employment sectors in North Carolina’s economy, according to a recent projection released by the North Carolina Commission on Workforce Development. As part of the heath care industry, medical billing and coding professionals are expected to experience the benefits brought by being one of the state’s most popular employment sectors, as jobs in this field are predicted to continue increasing through the future while salaries are expected to also maintain a steady gain.

Prospective employees in the medical billing and coding field are currently in the right place at the right time. As demand for these experts increases, those who acquire the right skills now will be able to pick and choose their future employment prospects.

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2018 Medical Billing and Coding Professional Salaries in North Carolina

In the region, North Carolina offers compelling average and 90th percentile salaries for its medical billing and coding professionals in comparison to its neighbors, including South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

Regionally, North Carolina’s medical coders and billers can expect to earn a higher wage when working in an urban as opposed to a rural environment. The following figures are for cities across the state:

# of Professionals
Top 10 Percentile
Charlotte / Rock Hill
Durham / Chapel Hill
Greensboro / High Point
Raleigh / Cary

These numbers show the higher-end wages are fairly consistent, with the exception of Fayetteville which is about $6,000 lower than the rest of the cities and only slightly better when it comes to the average annual salary. However in general, medical billing and coding professionals still earn a higher wage in urban environments. And if the projections for this field continue as they are now, these salaries will continue to increase into the future.