Medical Billing and Coding in New Jersey


Medical Billing & coding

Long-term trends show the health care industry in New Jersey to be the primary driving force in the state’s economy. From 1990-2010 the industry has grown at an annual rate of 2.4 percent, or put another way, during this period the health care industry added around 155,000 jobs to the state’s economy- comprising 60 percent of the total number of jobs created in the past two decades. During the same period of time non-health care industries combined only added a net gain of 54,600.

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The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development recently listed the medical billing and coding profession as one of top occupations in the health care industry, projecting a 20 percent growth rate for these professionals in the decade leading up to 2018. Prospective employees in this field should keep in mind that to become a medical coder and biller in New Jersey requires education, training, and commitment.

Once qualified, new professionals in this field will be ready to begin hunting for some of the most widely-available and skilled positions in the state. As high growth is forecast into the coming future, today’s new-hires will be tomorrow’s promoted professionals.

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Preparing for a New Jersey Medical Billing and Coding Career

Medical billing and coding jobs begin with having the right education. Employers will require an educational credential for new professionals in this field, which can be obtained at over 24 facilities across the state, ranging from technical, online and community colleges to state universities and training academies. For the student’s convenience there are many programs offered with varying time commitments, including:

  • Associate degree in allied health with training in medical billing and coding
  • Medical billing certificate program
  • Bachelor degree in health science with a focus on medical billing and coding
  • Diploma in medical billing and coding

Coursework in any medical coding and billing program will include study of:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Computerized billing
  • Hospital billing and coding forms
  • New Jersey patient privacy laws
  • Health records
  • Medical office procedures


New Jersey’s Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

Because medical billing and coding professionals work for virtually every agency that provides billable health and social services, their offices can be found from the state’s largest cities to smallest towns. Some of the more familiar of New Jersey’s medical billing and coding employers include:

  • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Institute for Personal Growth in Jersey City
  • Saint Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson
  • Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth
  • JFK Medical Center in Edison
  • Green Street Dental Group in Woodbridge Township
  • Kimball Medical Center in Lakewood Township
  • Community Medical Center in Toms River Township
  • Hamilton Township Dental Associates
  • Saint Francis Medical Center in Trenton
  • Mental Health Clinic of Passaic in Clifton

These are just a few of the employers for medical billing and coding professionals across the state. Because of the high and growing demand for these specialists, employees in the field can have their choice to work for hundreds of agencies throughout New Jersey. The medical billing and coding sector currently offers many opportunities with even more coming in the future.


Medical billing and coding in New Jersey for all medical and healthcare professions

Becoming a medical billing and coding expert will be your perfect path of obtaining on the fast track on the way to a profession that comprises best possible pay and 100% job security. Those who are searching for a satisfying career option that does not have to spend several years in school, nor does they need to concern about high tuition charges that every so often take years to pay back. The thrilling pathway towards monetary autonomy as a medical biller and coder can initiate now.


Overview of a Medical Biller and Coder

Medical billing and coding are time and again revealed at the same time, even though they are two distinct types of jobs. Medical billers make sure that patient compensation records are retained and they also submit the correct medical bills. Medical coders are commended for the responsibilities of coding, which mentions authentic codes that are utilized to signify several analyses and medical services offered to patients.

Medical billers always deal with corporations such as Medicaid and Medicare. Categorization through those complete billing details is available with a reasonable amount of complications. It is because of all those complications that medical billing specialists hold a strong consideration to feature and high level of accurateness. These experts are also very feature oriented and usually, have perfect perilous considering knowledge.

Medical coders in New Jersey have a complete hold of the international healthcare coding method, which allocates specific codes to exact identifies, processes and medicaments. Medical coders take patient health records and medical transcripts and interpret them into the correct codes. Those codes are then utilized in the billing procedure.

Hospitals, medical centers, rehab services and private doctor agencies are only a few of the places medical billers and coders get to work. New Jersey as they are an essential part of the healthcare industry. Some medical billers and coders although work from home and are accomplished with making their times.


New Jersey Medical Billing and Coding Certification Requirements

Medical billing and coding occupations do not need a mandatory certification in the state of New Jersey. On the other hand, a post-secondary qualification with knowledge in medical coding and billing will sufficiently make persons for these jobs. Certifications are provided with the different post-secondary institutes and technical colleges in the country of New Jersey.

Most of these certification programs continue as an average of nine months and aspirants are educated the required skills to work as medical billing and coding specialists.


Education Requirements

It is obligatory for folks looking for a career in medical billing and coding to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalency. It is also advantageous to have some knowledge working with Microsoft Excel, as well as even should know some necessary math skills.


Job Prospects and Potential Pay

New Jersey medical billing and coding experts appreciate one of the maximum average incomes within this occupation. As per as to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical billing and coding come under the organization of medical records and health information specialists. Those figures show that medical billing and coding specialists can receive an average pay of $58,420 every year in the country of New Jersey.

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Find Medical Billing and Coding degree and certificate programs in the following North Jersey cities: Jersey City, Newark, Peterson, Elizabeth, Edison, Woodbridge, Lakewood, Toms River, Hamilton, Trenton, Clifton, Camden, Brick Township, Cherry Hill.