New Hampshire Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

As the medical billing and coding market continues to grow and expand throughout New Hampshire, salaries in this field are projected to follow suit, with many analysts predicting that demand will almost certainly outstrip supply in at least the short-term future. This signals a positive outlook for salaries in this field.

The average annual salary for a medical billing and coding professional in New Hampshire in 2018 calculated at just under $50,000. This varies according to both region and and population, with urban areas such as Manchester, Concord, and Nashua offering a higher average salary than many rural areas. In all locations higher salaries can be earned with advanced qualifications and experience.

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The following chart offers statistics for medical billing and coding professionals in different wage brackets working throughout New Hampshire:

# of Professionals
Top 25 Percentile
Haverhill-North Andover-Amesbury MA-NH
Lawrence-Methuen-Salem MA-NH
Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford MA-NH
Rochester-Dover NH-ME
Non-metropolitan Northern New Hampshire
Non-metropolitan Western New Hampshire
Non-metropolitan Other New Hampshire

Concentrations of billing and coding professionals can be found in cities and regions across the state, though are primarily located around the major population centers in Southwestern New Hampshire. The Lowell-Billerica-Chelmsford region between New Hampshire and Massachusetts is the metropolitan area that offers the highest average annual salary as well as the highest top-percentile salary. Overall the non-metropolitan western region of New Hampshire offers both the highest average wage and the highest salaries for professionals approaching the top of their field.

Northern New Hampshire is the area with the lowest concentration of billing and coding professionals, and in general salaries increase as one moves from the north to the south of the state. Depending on one’s location, the average annual medical billing and coding salary in New Hampshire can vary by more than $10,000.

Medical Billing and Coding Career Outlook for 2019

As billing and coding professionals gain experience and qualifications to move up on the job ladder, they may have the opportunity to join the top tenth of their colleagues who currently earn $7,000 more than the average person in New Hampshire. Most professionals who advance to this level have gained years if not decades of experience in the billing and coding field, and also often have earned medical billing and coding credentials in the form of diplomas, certifications, and degrees. Earning one of these qualifications can be advantageous for the short and long-term career aspirations of a billing and coding professional.

Colleges, universities, and online programs throughout New Hampshire offer medical billing and coding programs that are applicable to both the generalized professional as well as niche specialists. Earning a credential from one of these institutions is one of the most strategic ways a billing and coding professional can influence his or her salary potential anywhere in New Hampshire. As the job market in this field expands, having a relevant credential can also poise a billing and coding professional in a great position for career advancement as new demand is created.