Medical Billing and Coding in Montana


Medical Billing & coding

As the nationwide rate of job growth in the medical billing and coding field is expected to be as high as 28 percent in the coming decade, billing and coding professionals can also expect to be in increasing demand throughout Montana.

Currently more than 16 percent of Montana residents are 65 years of age or older – a figure that stands higher than the national average – and this number is only projected to increase over the coming decades. This changing state demographic combined with national legislation that has resulted in more Montana residents gaining access to health care are two of the largest contributing factors to the projected in-state rise in demand for medical billing and coding professionals.

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There are nearly 2,000 medical billing and coding employees at present who work with a variety of health care providers and medical insurance companies across the state. This includes:

  • 300 professionals working in the Billings area
  • 30 professionals in the Great Falls area
  • 210 professionals in the Missoula area
  • 70 professionals in the non-metropolitan areas of Eastern Montana
  • 100 professionals in the non-metropolitan areas of Central Montana
  • 250 professionals in the non-metropolitan areas of Southwestern Montana
  • 240 professionals in the non-metropolitan areas of Western Montana

Medical Billing and Coding Employers in Montana

There is the potential demand for medical billing and coding professionals wherever health care services are offered. Some of the most significant health care providers in Montana include:

  • Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center in Missoula
  • Benefis Hospital in Great Falls
  • Billings Clinic
  • Wheatland Memorial Healthcare in Harlowton
  • Kalispell Regional Medical Center
  • Saint Vincent Healthcare in the Billings area
  • Community Medical Center in Missoula
  • Bozeman Deaconess Hospital
  • Saint Peter’s Hospital in Helena
  • Saint James Healthcare in Butte

The health care sector is one of the strongest fields of employment in Montana and accounts for a significant number of jobs across the state. In some of the state’s more competitive areas having a strong credential can make all the difference in becoming initially hired or earning a promotion. To fulfill the demand for this there are colleges and universities located throughout the state that offer medical billing and coding certificate and degree programs.

Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Montana

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Online schools, universities, and colleges across Montana offer several types of medical billing and coding academic programs. These range from diploma programs to degrees, and offer a variety of credentials that are tailored to students’ specific needs to be competitive in the job market, including:

  • Certified medical biller
  • Medical coding certification
  • Associate’s degree in medical insurance coding and billing
  • Health information technology certification
  • Certificate in medical insurance billing and coding
  • Medical billing and coding diploma
  • Medical office billing specialist diploma
  • Certificate in medical administrative assistant and electronic health records

Each employer may designate a required of preferred credential for hire in Montana. Even if having a particular credential is not mandated by all employers, having a certification or degree in the medical billing and coding field will always demonstrate a certain level of professionalism and competence, preparing candidates for a strong career potential.


Medical Billing and Coding in Montana to offer great career in healthcare platform

The career viewpoint for Medical Billing and Coding professionals in Montana is of high-potential nowadays. They are one of the evergreen careers which are considerably required of by various medical centers, hospitals, private clinics and Medicare sectors. To meet the certain increasing medical requirements of the mature baby boomers along with the technical development in medical segment innovative solutions and vaccines are advanced to treat any unknown ailments successfully.

Now let go through an overall assessment of what are the significant donors which had made these medical careers in Montana to be in high demand these days;


a) Effective Online Education

For a qualified medical biller or coder in Montana, firstly, they have to invest in the associated education and training paths. But the regular diplomas and degree courses and programs which are happening on the college campus it, various schools and universities currently offer several online programs simultaneously. Online medical degree programs have opened many great opportunities for the prospective specialists to acquire their educational qualifications in these therapeutic segments, to continue to meet their career objective in these medical sectors.

b) Set up own business with low structure cost –

Establishing own business on medical billing and coding does not need a substantial level of principal. What you need is a physical space, a computer, a highly reliable and well-versed medical billing and coding software program, and a big list of day to day long term consumers with growing prospective new clients. You might get going your own home-based business with these medical billing and coding expertise from a small measure and slowly upsurge from there. You might operate the business at your own pace with lesser stress

c) Opportunity for outsourcing –

These days, a growing number of healthcare service providers are seeking out most qualified outsource firms where they can out-source their medical billing and coding assignment and tasks to a third party. This positive trend had made possible for various new business opportunities for those who visualized running their own business by offering medical coding and billing services in this industry.


d) Contribute their service to those who want medical claim and billing recommend –

As an experienced medical coding and billing professional, they are those supporters who have been assisting in any of your insurance claims’ concerns or to decide the complications around it. All at once, they are also proficient in sharing some of the preferences of how the diverse types of insurance plans with its plenty of benefits and reimbursements can be top optimized for the practical results.


e) Explore Freelance options –

Most of the people who had progressed in these medical areas had selected to become autonomous medical coding and billing professional working in freelance projects in spite of having to connect them up in everyday routine work.


Salary Package

The salary you can anticipate will depend on earlier experience and medical billing training you have had. You will earn a higher wage as a specialized Medical Billing Professional who needs taking a national exam. But usually, you can bring amounts at your home ranging from $31,000 to $45,000 range.

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