Indiana Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information

Although there is a great deal of variance in medical billing and coding salaries across the state, Indiana boasts one of the highest state wide average salaries in the field for the Midwest region. While Indianapolis and Fort Wayne hold both the highest number of medical billers and coders as well as the highest average salaries, there are excellent opportunities in many rural areas as well. While more prone to part time and hourly pay, rural medical billers and coders do have more freedom. In fact, many of the state’s work-from-home professionals live in the state’s most rural areas.

To be sure, the most difficult part of any new career choice is finding your first job. Gaining experience on the job trumps all forms of education and certification available. For this reason it is important to research any potential program for job placement services and on-the-job training. Entering the field can be competitive in many areas of Indiana and those best qualified will find themselves in the best possible position to earn a higher income. While many entry level positions pay $30,000 or less annually, many top certified medical billers and coders in Indiana earn above $65,000 annually working in places like hospitals, physician’s offices and clinics.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest employment sectors in the state of Indiana, including many community and states hospitals in Indianapolis, outpatient care facilities in Fort Wayne and dental clinics in Columbus. Find a school or program in your area, or even online, and find out how best to go about achieving the goal of a rewarding position in medical billing and coding.

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How Much Do Medical Billers & Coders Earn In Indiana?

A chart listing the top cities and their corresponding salaries in the medical billing and coding field for the state of Indiana is below:

# of Professionals
Top 10 Percentile
Fort Wayne
Michigan City
South Bend


Job Growth in 2019

Job growth in this particular field is forecast to increase 15% to 18% per year through 2020. Medical billing and coding job growth is many times a function of the greater industry, as the position is necessary to keep the rest of the health care industry functioning properly. Without medical billers and coders, there would be no link between medical care providers, insurance companies and the thousands of companies, small and large, who provide goods and services to patients across North America. For the industry to continue its rapid growth, a steady increase in trained medical billers and coders is necessary.