Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information For Florida Residents

The average salary for Medical Billing & Coding in the Florida is about $44,000. This can be higher or lower depending on the region and city. Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach medical billers and coders generally earn higher salaries than the state average, as they are working in higher traffic, more technologically advanced hospitals and medical offices. However, as the state mandates a move for all medical offices to move toward the implementation of electronic medical record keeping, the demand for medical billers and coders will rise, thus raising the average salary for qualified, trained professionals.

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Apparent from the chart below, particular cities such as Gainseville, Naples, Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa boast higher than average salaries for medical billers and coders. This stems from a number of reasons, the primary being a concentration of medical services and research in these areas. The University of Miami, University of Florida and Florida State University are among the top medical facilities in the region. Area hospitals and clinics benefit from these medical centers and are often linked to them in many ways, both academic and professional. Patients come from many miles away, domestic and international, to see specialists in these areas for a wide array of ailments. The more patients doctors see, the more a medical biller and medical coder are needed to facilitate patient billing and insurance claims. With this increased demand, salaries in this area are higher than average.

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A chart listing the top cities and their corresponding salaries in the medical billing and coding field for the state of Florida is below:

# of Professionals
Top 10 Percentile
Lakeland / Winter Haven
Crestview / Destin
Naples / Bridgeport
Miami / Fort Lauderdale
Tampa / St. Petersburg
Orlando / Kissimmee

Florida Medical Coder Career Outlook for 2019

Another advantage for Florida medical billers and coders is the state’s lower average cost of living compared with many states in the region. Florida was hit hard by the financial crisis, and the rebound has been slow. The housing market here was hit especially hard, draining the state’s resources and adding downward pressure on many aspects of the economy. As the state only now begins to climb out of this recession, there are a few fields that, amid the troubles, we can still look to for continued growth. The medical and health care fields are among them. While health care continues to grow in nearly every state across America, it is especially strong in Florida, providing jobs to many residents who otherwise may have fled the state. As the industry continues to thrive, Florida’s health care professionals will be among the residents to carry the state out of recession.

The health care industry is an excellent choice for Florida residents looking for a meaningful career in their home state. Job security and good pay and benefits provide an attractive option for young students looking for their first career, as well as seasoned professionals looking to change careers and maximize their potential and earning power. This site has a huge amount of information for those who are interested in getting started. Find a program that works best for you.