Medical Billing & Coding Salary Information For DC Area Residents

Medical Billing and Coding salaries in Washington DC and the greater DC area are higher than those of the surrounding states to the south and west. Concentrations of medical facilities such as Johns Hopkins and George Washington University Medical Centers, as well as health care companies in the DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area have created a higher than average demand for health care professionals. Even significantly higher than the US national average for Medical Billers and Coders, as well as other health care administration professionals.

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Combined with higher than average job growth expectations for the DC metropolitan area and Washington DC is no longer just a place for political consultants, news media and congressmen. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the District of Columbia and surrounding Northern Virginia and Western Delaware metropolitan areas expect job growth in the health care industry over 20 percent through the coming decade. As with many other states, excellent benefit packages and rewarding work environments make the medical billing and coding field a great career choice.

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Washington D.C.’s Health Care Administration Field

Health care facilities, primary employers of health care administration professionals in the DC area, including Medical Billers and Coders include hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and other related businesses and facilities. Most all provide health and retirement benefits commensurate with today’s health care industry standard nationwide. As with many areas across the US, the benefits of a Medical Billing and Coding career include job security in a growing field, good starting salaries, good paid time off and a comfortable work environment.

The table below shows a range of Medical Billing & Coding salaries for a number of cities and regions throughout the Washington DC area:

# of Professionals
Top 10 Percentile
Washington DC
College Park