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Connecticut residents already enjoy a slightly higher standard of living than their peers in the Northeast, and a significantly higher standard in regards to that of the national average. Salaries in Connecticut are, on average, third highest in the United States, behind only Maryland and New Jersey according to, an employment industry monitor website. Jobs in health care and Medical Billing and Coding are also higher than average throughout the state, with potential starting salaries near $40,000 annually according to, an employment compensation website. The prospects for job growth are also high, as the state is expecting an additional 20 percent growth in the demand for Medical Billers and Coders over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Connecticut’s Health Care Employers

Medical Billing and Coding employers throughout the state of Connecticut include a variety of health care providers including hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities and more. As with any state, one of the best aspects of a career in health care administration is that the demand is in every corner of the globe. Hospitals, clinics and other health care providers are working in every city across North America, and each has a growing demand for Medical Billing and Coding professionals. Connecticut is no different.

For this reason, many prospective students look for a degree program in the area for which they hope or expect to work. Many programs throughout the state provide internships or work-study programs to give students real world work experience in the field while also giving them a head start on their job search. In many cases, an internship or work-study program gives graduates a leg up on the competition when looking for a job in their chosen field. Take a look at schools and programs in your area, whether campus based or even online, and choose one that works best with both your educational and career goals.

Most of Connecticut’s Medical Billers and Coders work in one of the following major categories of workplace environments. This may help prospective students decide what type of work environment is best for them:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s Clinics / Private Practice Clinics
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Alternative Medicine Clinics / Chiropractic / Eastern Medicine
  • Nursing Homes / Retirement Communities

On top of a challenging and fulfilling career, the field of health care often provides excellent benefits as well. Many employers offer a standard work day, competitive salary, paid time off, excellent medical benefits, retirement and savings plans and even continuing education. Find out more on our Career Pages.

Find Medical Billing and Coding programs in the following cities: Hartford, Danbury, Southington, Meridian, New Haven, Norwich, Waterbury, New London, Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk.


Medical coding and billing prospects in Connecticut

Connecticut is somewhat different compared to the most booming economies of the United States. While all states are having decent economic growth, Connecticut is facing something like recession right now. The managers of the state must speak and request to the people to trust the state and Federal government for positive developments soon. There is a huge unemployment scare and young aged people or the working age group is moving to other cities in search of jobs and better opportunities.

Worries in Connecticut

If this trend continues, soon the population of Connecticut would consist of unambitious people beyond 40 years. This can create a very dull period for the state in economic and growth terms. It might just restrain to a retirement destination soon. To add woes to such plans also, the cost of living, state taxes, property taxes aren’t generous enough to spare. These factors with lack of employment opportunities have forced young and capable workforce out of the state.

More high pay jobs and less or no entry level jobs

The current problem faced by Connecticut is with respect to the diversity in the current job market. The job market in Connecticut has a big disparity between high pay and low pay jobs. The number of high pay jobs requiring vast skillset and experience is sufficient in number however, there is an acute shortage of entry level or intermediate level job opportunities. Major companies that contributed to a huge manufacturing setup and created employment opportunities are also said to leave Connecticut shortly.

Disappointment amongst the workforce

The workforce is certainly disappointed with lack of job opportunities and draining out of existing job opportunities out of the state. They are forced to move out of the city first and then state for better opportunities. One opportunity in the process which could assist or add as an important choice could be a career in medical or healthcare sector. No matter what the demography is, no matter how the economy flows, there is evident scope for healthcare, medicine, and similar necessity industries.

How to build a career in medical coding and billing?

Healthcare and medicine industry has been visualized as one of the most stable industries till the mankind exists. Medical coding and billing is an industry that is getting popularized and will remain as one of the most effective careers in the future. It can be a big boon in a state like Connecticut where job opportunities and good career seem a distant dream. For people not willing to leave Connecticut, can equip and upgrade themselves to find the best career opportunities with medical coding and billing.

The average salary stat in Connecticut can be misleading. It shows about $60,000 currently due to the high pay jobs available in Hartford, which is the heart of the state in economic terms. Jobs in the field of medical coding and billing can earn up to $55,000 and it isn’t that difficult if you are determined to gain additional skillset and upgrade your existing abilities. With quality training institutes listed on our site, finding one in your city near you shouldn’t be a task. So, find your school for becoming future secure in the slowing economy of Connecticut!