Medical Billing and Coding in Colorado

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The state of Colorado is a fantastic place to begin a career in the health care industry. Health care administration, including Medical Billing and Coding, is expected to grow by over 10 percent in the coming decade. Colorado Medical Billers and Coders are slated to benefit from both higher than average salary and job growth by 2020, according to the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, or CDLE (

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Colorado boasts a higher than average starting salary for most Medical Billers and Coders at over $38,500 annually. Those with experience can expect upwards of $56,000 per year, with excellent benefits, comfortable work place, great hours and challenging tasks. Of its surrounding states, only Arizona and Nevada provide salaries nearly as high as Colorado. The state’s high demand for job growth in the health care industry is one of the main drivers behind the higher salary, according to, an national economic analysis website (

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Colorado Medical Billing and Coding Work Environments

The Denver / Aurora / Littleton metropolitan area is home to most of Colorado’s 5.1 million people. However, according to the US Census Bureau (, the area is home to a disproportionate number of the state’s 550,000 seniors age 65 and over. Moreover, the state’s population grew nearly 17% over the past decade, nearly twice as fast as the national average. All this amounts to a greater demand for health care professionals, including Medical Billing and Coding. For those who are already living in Colorado, there has never been a better time to find a degree or certificate program near you to train for one of these growing positions.

Many of Colorado’s hospitals and health care facilities have been recognized nationwide for both excellence in service and employee benefits. The University of Colorado Hospital, for example, was recognized by US News & World Report magazine as a top US hospital for 14 years running. Benefits for health care professionals working here include tuition should they choose to continue studying, membership reimbursement to professional organizations such as AAPC and continuing education reimbursement, all on top of an existing excellent benefit package.

A list of the most likely work environments for Colorado’s Medical Billing and Coding personnel is below:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians Clinics
  • Nursing Facilities
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Chiropractic / Alternative Health Care Clinics
  • Outpatient Clinics

Find Medical Billing and Coding degree and certificate programs in the following Colorado cities: Denver, Littleton, Vail, Westminster, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Pueblo, Grand Junction and Greely.


Medical coding and billing opportunities in the state of Colorado

Colorado is a diversified economy that has a great blend of agriculture, technology, natural resources, tourism, etc. This is the primary reason why Colorado is such a balanced economy and ranks 20th in the States in the list of largest economies. Every time a sector or an industry falls, new opportunities develop in other sectors hosted by the state itself. Being in Colorado you had just change cities and not state even in the most depressed economic situations.

Challenges of Colorado

Denver one of the top-ranked cities of Colorado is the center of attraction in the city in terms of opportunities, towering buildings, host of natural resources, a camp for the oil industry, etc. But off late Denver and similar high-tech cities of Colorado have a common problem of unemployment. The problem of unemployment loomed in the late 19th Century when the oil prices hit a low and several workers were employed. Since then the industries continue to consolidate and about 4% of the population remain unemployed.

Current opportunities in Colorado

The deficit of jobs has reduced in the recent few years, but still, there are several applicants and fewer job openings in the city where surviving isn’t easy without a proper and consistent income source. A good number of people are hired by the military and government fuses in a good amount of funds to the agriculture sector to boost employment opportunities in there. In cities like Denver, where many companies have established their head offices or control centers, highly competent and smartest minds can find high pay jobs that could settle their life for a few years for sure!

Other options in Colorado

Another field that is creating waves in the economy of Colorado is the medical coding and billing industry. It can be classified under the technology industry of the state but has a very good potential. Major insurance companies or small insurance providers who deal with health insurance are always in hunt of billers and coders. Billers who could bill insurance providers on behalf of the doctors/hospitals or service providers. Coders who could decode the bill to determine the claim is appropriate to be processed further.

There are other opportunities in this field that include sending out letters to the insurance holders as well as to the service providers regarding approval or denial of their claim or to inform about the progress. There are several opportunities in this field and considering the volume and the dependence of this industry on healthcare, which doesn’t look exhausting at all for several years in the future. Medical coding and billing jobs could be one of the best fields to start your professional career, with an average pay of about $55,000 pretty much neck and neck to the average pay of Colorado state of about $54,700.

What is to be done?

Every lucrative opportunity requires some skillset and work dedication. This steady, traditional office job also requires some basic skill set which can certainly be acquired. You just need to search for institutes and schools which provide training for medical coding and billing on our website and acquire the skills and grow your career in one of the best job markets in the present and distant future. Easy isn’t it? So, end your search for a good career by upgrading your skillset suitable to medical coding and billing right here!