Medical Billing and Coding in Alaska

medical billing

Medical billing and coding careers offer Alaskans security & stability.

If you are looking for a steady career with predictable schedule and advancements, competitive salary and benefits, and you are willing to learn marketable computer and information management skills, then you should consider a billing and coding technician career in the medical industry. There is a shortage of skilled workers and the demand increases because of population demographics, government record keeping requirements, and the use of electronic records and sophisticated tests.

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Opportunities in the field of Medical Billing and Coding at Alaska

Alaska is one among the fewer states of United States which has been blessed with loads of natural resources. The economy of Alaska is pre-dominantly dependent on the export of natural resources like oil, natural gas, wood, etc. Seafood export is one of primary employment and revenue generating activity in Alaska. Petroleum sector and defence base camps tend to generate most of the jobs of about 200,000 in the entire state.

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Upskilling professional career options

Currently, tourism, industries relying on natural resources and Federal employment are the employment houses in the state. However, there is need for other employment opportunities that utilize more skill and less labour. Alaska is a state that is oriented to labour than skill currently and sooner than later, there might be a need to create or stabilize professional opportunities with depleting resources, increased competition in federal job offerings and other external/uncontrollable factors.

How Medical Billing and coding can help?

Medical Billing and Coding is one industry that is knowledge or skill oriented rather than being labour oriented. The lifespan one can contribute to knowledge or a skill-based enterprise is way larger to the lifespan or professional abilities in a labour-intensive industry. The health, professional peace of mind and overall quality of life is also excellent in a skill-oriented field like that of Medical billing and coding.

Overall, career in medical billing and coding open better opportunities, better work-life and a consistent and long-term option especially in a state like Alaska! In Alaska people are a lot more dependent on Federal opportunities and unorganized sector which has certainly a lot more competition and good amount of risk.

How can you create more opportunities for yourself in Alaska?

Medical billing and coding in simple terms deal with operating software for assisting the medical practitioners in their day to day activities. Since, medical insurance is compulsory for everyone in the States, there is a certain need for assisting insurance companies to decode the invoices or bills before processing the payment as well as for the practitioners or hospitals to code them appropriately to ensure right information is processed to the insurance companies. Since, the healthcare industry doesn’t seem to exhaust as need for medicines and healthcare will be there till the mankind exists.

What skillsets are needed and how to get them?

As can be interpreted by the job role, proficiency with the technology, software and basic medical knowledge can prove vital for securing a decent job in the field of medical coding and billing. These skills can be acquired over a shorted time frame by identifying some of the best training institutes in Alaska. Just search on our website and find the best training institutes in Alaska to develop the desired skillset for an entry level or intermediate level medical coding and billing job.

There are several job openings in this field and the average salary in Alaska for beginners is around $58,000 which is slightly higher to the average state salary of $54,500. Considering quality of life, available job opportunities and the ease of acquiring the desired skillset for a respectable job in the field, medical coding and billing should be your professional choice in Alaska.