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Recession-proof Your Career as a Medical Billing and Coding Technician In Alabama

Employment for medical billing and coding professionals “… is expected to increase by 20 percent, much faster than the average for all occupations through 2018.” – US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010.

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Medical billing and coding careers offer Alabamans security & stability

If you are looking for a steady career throughout the state of Alabama, from Montgomery to Birmingham, with a predictable schedule and advancements, competitive salary and benefits, and you are willing to learn marketable computer and information management skills, then you should consider a billing and coding technician career in the medical industry. There is a shortage of skilled workers and the demand increases because of Alabama’s changing population demographics, government record keeping requirements, and the use of electronic records and sophisticated tests.


What is a career in medical billing and coding?

It’s a position of responsibility. Alabama’s medical billing and coding technicians maintain patient information. You will manage patient information includes medical history, current symptoms and recent examination results.

It’s working with technology. It’s NOT a filing clerk job. You will be part of the nation’s healthcare system and its transition to a complete electronic health records system. There are new medical procedure codes that go into effect across the country in 2013. The new procedure codes and the associated software are more sophisticated than what is currently in use. If you can learn the computer system and the medical codes, you’ll be in demand and can find work anywhere you want.

It’s a professional career. Alabama medical transcription technologists work in a professional atmosphere with the state’s doctors and other professionals in the medical industry. You will work in a comfortable office in a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing care facility, or outpatient care center. Most technicians work a coveted 40-hour workweek, and overtime may be necessary on occasion. Some technicians choose to telecommute, from Alabaster to York, Jefferson county to Dallas County, and you can work from home on their own schedule. Find a degree and career that works best for you.

Find Medical Billing and Coding programs in the following cities: Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Hoover, Decatur, Auburn, Madison, Jefferson County, Shelby County.


Career opportunities in the field of medical coding and billing at Alabama

Alabama is a beautiful city which has exercised great amount of development and growth in the past decade. The economy of the state is very diverse and Alabama on a whole is not dependent on any specific industry or sector. This has primarily been the reason for a consistent growth and development pattern seen in the state of Alabama. It has one of the most diverse industries that include heavy industries like automobile manufacturing, aerospace, minerals or steel extraction or mining & production industries, education, banking, technology related industries, etc.

What it translates for job opportunities?

The manpower available in Alabama is very upskilled and with availability of loads of career and professional opportunities, it can be a tussle to identify the proper career path and excel in the same. With the highly skilled and diverse manpower as disposal for corporates and industries, the competition for good jobs is reasonably high. The job opportunities are also lower to the number of job seekers. This has led to a poor average salary score of about $39,000, which ranks Alabama to number 37 of the 50 states in the US in respect to the average salary.

What is medical coding and billing?

Medical coding and billing is a branch associated with Healthcare and Medicine that also uses computers, software and other knowledge products to ensure smoother background processing of the industry. Health insurance is compulsory in most countries, and there are certain healthcare costs that are covered under the insurance while some aren’t. A medical coding and billing executive might need to verify with the help of software and basic medical knowledge whether the healthcare costs are covered under the insurance or not.

If the costs are covered, insurance companies might well reimburse the patient or its customer and if not, it might deny the claim produced by the customer or the patient. This process is so very diligent and important for the healthcare industry and there are millions and trillions of claims to process every day as someone at some corner of States or outside is using medical facility. This is what makes it such a big and reliable industry that has brighter prospects with consistent growth opportunities.

What benefits can one expect in medical coding and billing?

If one decides to make a career in medical coding and billing, it translates to a very peaceful corporate life that has flexible work hours, less stress and a relaxed/professional work environment. Job opportunities are immense at large multinational giants which are big hospital chains or big insurance companies. Smaller job opportunities include at private clinics or small dispensaries that overall build a great professional network as you are in contact with some of the best healthcare providers in your city.

How to start?

Training and education is the key for taking baby steps in any field. Medical coding and billing isn’t different. However, considering the access to education and skilled manpower available in Alabama, gaining the skillset required for building a successful career in this field shouldn’t be a tough task. So, search for the best schools and institutes in your city of Alabama, to setup an opportunity in this rewarding field!

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Search Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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